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Okay, about Jennifer Blake being like Stiles. Let’s take a few facts and then make leaps in logic, shall we?

1. There’s no denying that Stiles and Jennifer share similar scenes and personality traits. Let’s go over a few.

  • Stiles and Jennifer both get saved from rabid members of Derek’s pack BY Derek.
  • Derek goes for help and finds both Stiles and Jennifer in their cars when he’s hurt and needs help.
  • NEWEST ONE is the reused line “I’m going to rip your throat out… with my teeth,” from the new promo for Currents.

2. Let’s be honest, cinematographers do NOT like to reuse old material, especially with the same character, UNLESS they’re trying to make a point so these similarities have to mean something or else they wouldn’t be there at all.

3. Take a moment to look over THIS post about Jennifer Blake, please.

Here’s where we will start to make leaps in logic.

4. Based off of the screen shot from last night’s episode, Frayed, we know the Darach looks like this:

We can make one of two assumptions here, either the Darach wears a freaky mask or THAT is the Darach’s face. Let’s take the direction that the face is not a mask due to the nature of the creature (magic, guys, it’s got to be magical so go with me.)

5. If this is the creature’s true face then obviously it isn’t walking around Beacon Hills like this. And because this is a TV show where ONE of the cast HAS to be the Darach for it to be good we can assume that the Darach has some way of cloaking its image.


6. This Darach, for whatever reason, is killing people. Jennifer, for whatever reason, is interested in Derek. Let’s go with the idea that Jennifer is the Darach, that would implicate that the Darach needs Derek for something. That being said, Jennifer getting close to Derek is part of its plan.

7. WHAT IF the Darach PURPOSEFULLY chose a likeness to Stiles BECAUSE the Darach can sense that Derek has some strange attachment to him? If the Darach can choose it’s face then obviously it would pick something Derek would want, and ACT like something Derek would want. So if it LOOKS and ACTS like Stiles and Derek LIKES that, doesn’t that mean Derek LIKES how Stiles looks and acts?

8. Sit there and stew for a while.

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